Campaign Terminated

1 Jan 2010

With the divorce of two of the players, this group has imploded. The future of Golarion will have to wait for a future campaign.

Bandit Fortress

12 Dec 2009

Part of Night Below, a campaign for 2nd Edition DnD

The PCs decide to explore Broken Spire Keep, employing actual tactics. Scouting, they discover two blind spots, except for a single scout in the refurbished tower. Iona Moonflower makes short work of said lookout. The party ambushes the rest of the fortress, a series of fights so one sided the GM refused to dignify them with dice.

The fun of the night was when the party explored the dungeon. Avoiding the clearly labeled ‘Do Not Open’ door, they roll over the zombies (not as impressive in Pathfinder). However, the fight with the priests of Zon-Kuthon is a lot more interesting. Negative energy bursts changed the fight; if they had enough charisma to exclude the guards as well, I don’t think the PCs would have won. As it was, the lower half of the NPCs spent the earlier half of the fight TKO.

Adventure ends with the PCs tallying the swag, and about to discover the secret door.


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