Like Magic, technology had reached a peak at the time of the Forgotten War. Although many technologies were lost, some (like clockwork, lenscrafting, and alchemy) were largely retained. The dwarves managed to keep other secrets, such as black powder.

Although better tolerated than magic, the fact that many scientists and engineers speak their own trade jargons and use math akin to magic to peasants still leaves them largely alienated. Oddly enough, peasants seem to expect these same traits from medical professionals.

Libraries and Education

Libraries barely exist in the Kingdom of Basilla. Most of them belong to noble families, wizards, and churches. Although the Printing Press exists, it is too intricate and expensive to maintain in all but the largest cities. Most peasants are illiterate, and some of the Yeomanry.

Likewise, schools are rare and universities legendary. They tend to exist only in major cities, such as the Royal University in the capitol of the Kingdom of Basilla. Trade schools are more common, but require swearing fealty to a guild.

Specific Technologies AlchemyBlack PowderClockworkElectricityGlassworkLenscraftPrinting PressSawmillsSteamcraftWindmills


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