Minions are discussed in their own section.

Friends and Contacts

Hertiger is a mercenary crossbowman the party saved during The Darkest Hour.


Anitah Soranna is the captain of the guard for Drellin’s Ferry

Autumn Spring leads the Drellin’s Ferry Circle of the Keepers of Eth.

King Furad is king of Basilla, married to Queen Isolde.


Mang Youngblood

Morlin Coalhewer is a dwarven smith in the town of Drellin’s Ferry. He is a lapsed priest of Golem, who has lost faith not only in his god, but in his people as well.

Wayfarer (Rootwalker) is an Enchanter and a member of the Keepers of Eth, the Old Druids, and a faithful member of the Church of Epona. His apprentice is Vashni Calder.

Wranklemaw is the last of the Swamp Giants, and a member of the Keepers of Eth.



Wyrmlord Elfslayer

Wyrmlord Kharn

Wyrmlord Koth

Serina the Red is a Reaper, and the current master of the Scarecrow.

Serafina Neversmile

Wyrmlord Stormcaller is a Hobgoblin female; an Evoker of some power, intended as a capstone villain.


Templar Master appeared and was defeated in The Darkest Hour.

Uth’lar was the first hostile informant to fall casualty to Kaashanagh’s ‘check to see if they’re dead’ technique. He was chief of a Beater team of the Imperial Army, and a member of the Sunborn.


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