Kingdom of Basilla


The Kingdom of Basilla is ruled by King Furad and Queen Isolde. Beneath them are three councils: The Nine are theocrats, one appointed by each of the Council of Deities; the House of Nobles, made of those with at least 50% noble blood whom care to attend; and The Commons, comprised of representatives from each of the regions. Each runs its own orders of soldiery, holds court for and upon members of its section of society, and various bureaucracies that are more effective at spending coin than actually getting anything done.

This seemingly inefficient method of government keeps any one segment of society from growing too powerful. In theory, no citizen is to pay taxes to more than one of these segments of society; in actual practice, peasants pay tithes, taxes, and tolls, leaving them destitute. Coin is scarce among the peasantry, and usually an indicator of illegal activity.

[Agents of the Crown] are rare, holding authority second only to king and queen themselves. In theory, all are bound to obey their orders. In fact, they are often met with denials of their credentials. In times of crisis, the government is supposed to form a unified whole. This process is rarely as smooth and seemless as it is supposed to be.

In general, most citizens of Basilla hold great affection for the queen and king (in that order), jokingly referring to their kingdom as the Queendom of Basilla. They pay their tolls regularly, their taxes grudginly, and their tithes only when they have to. The typical peasant can expect forty years or so of unforgiving menial labor. It is normally thorugh crafts that one raises one’s station to yeoman or merchant; although some few enjoy more than one status increase in their lives, these are rare except in times of great turmoil (which come literally only once a generation).

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King Furad

Queen Isolde

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Kingdom of Basilla

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