Elsir Valley


Originally a Fey land, Elsir Valley was taken by the orcs during Xenist’s War. Driven east to the Feywood, the elves reluctantly abandoned their cities, making the invading army pay in blood. However, the elven cities were burned, including their rare albino trees and precious herbal gardens. When the armies of Basilla eventually retook the area (about two human generations ago), they brought settlers with them. Although much of Elsir Valley remains wild, and the woods are slowly growing back, it remains a dominantly human region.

Major Cities

BrindolElsir CrossDrellin’s Ferry

Geographical Regions

Hammerfist HillsMarked FensOverlook MountainsThorn SeaWitchwoodWyrmsmoke Mountains

Local Organizations

Axenshaft SecurityGolden WrenGreycloak FamilyJaarmath FamilyKaal FamilyKeepers of EthSacred Order of EponaSilver LionsSilver-Eyed SistersTeskerwill FamilyWolf Sisters

Local Threats

Black KnivesGolden EaglesOrder of the DarkRogue GoblinsSerafina NeversmileSkinsaw CultsThistlebrow ManslayerTroll ClansWerewolf Packs

Elsir Valley

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