Drellin's Ferry

Drellin’s Ferry is the westernmost town of Elsir Valley. It is a trade nexus for the Orclands and for Haranshire. It hosts about 1200 souls, barely a township. It is built south of the Witchwood, in a spot the elves believed was cursed.

Major NPCs

Anitah Soranna is the captain of the guard.

Autumn Spring is the leader of the local circle of the Keepers of Eth.

Morlin Coalhewer is a dwarven smith of some repute, and the only dwarf still living on Steamsmith Lane.

Tauster the Fire Mage is the most eminent Channeler in all of Elsir Valley. He resides in the Black Tower, a site of Arcana since the town’s founding.


Drellin’s Ferry City Guard, led by captain Anitah Soranna.

The Keepers of Eth are based here.

The Greycloak Clan of Pech moved here from Haranshire.

The Sacred Order of Epona is based in the Witchwood, just north and upstream from Drellin’s Ferry.


The town is named after a dwarven ferry, constructed at the end of the Old Dwarf Road.

The Dwarven Clocktower is the central feature of SteamSmith lane, rivalling the Black Tower of Tauster.

Vraath Keep, citadel of Lord Vraath, is falling into disrepair in the Witchwood.

The Witchwood is a haunted wood, and home of the majority of the remaining Saurians in Elsir Valley.

Drellin's Ferry

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