All deities have mortal servants: Followers (mortal), Minions (on the cusp of mortal and divine), and Servitors (divine beings). In their natural state, deities are purely spiritual beings.

Although they have great powers, deities are not mistaken for gods; no deity is omniscient, omnipresent, or omnipotent. Each has their own specialties, areas of influence where they hold great sway. No deity may grant a power which they themselves do not have.

The power of deities is in proportion to both their faithful in the region and the proximity to the nearest holy site of their faith. Although the exact process is unknown, it is widely believed that deities convert mortal faith into to the miracles they create.

Council (Greater Deities)

The Council is the term for the nine major deities to survive the Forgotten War. Each of the Council is opposed by two of the others, in a circle of opposition that ensures that no deity will grow to such a power level that they eclipse the others.

The Council are misers with their power; when they send divine aid, they send as little as is feasibly possible. Part of this is the opposition; it is believed that for every good deed a deity does for their worshippers, each of their opposition deities performs an act against their mortals.

Regardless of specialization or opposition, all Council deities revile Demons, Devils, Horrors, and the undead.

Atoa the Incinerator is the incarnation of Fire. She is opposed by Shadowen and Xerces.

Blood Maiden is mistress of Life and War. She is opposed by Xerces and Golem.

Dakkar is lord of nature and spirits. He is opposed by Doom and Tor.

Doom is the deity of Destiny and Death. His largest and most formal temple is in the Orclands. He is opposed by Dakkar and Shadowen.

Golem Steelshield is the defender of the Dwarves, and patron of the Unborn race. It is opposed by Blood Maiden and Okano.

Okano is lord of the Sea and patron of heroes. He is opposed by Golem and Tor.

Shadowen is the goddess of Fate, Night, and Secrets. She is opposed by Doom and Atoa.

Tor is patron to both the Giant and Dwarven races, and the deity of Earth. He is opposed by Okano and Dakkar.

Xerces is lord of Sky and Magic. He is opposed by Atoa and Blood Maiden.

Minor Deities

Few differences exist between major spirits and minor deities. Since the Forgotten War, no minor deity has ascended to the Council.

Epona is a harvest and nature goddess native to the Elsir Valley. She has shown little initiative in expanding beyond this region. Her most well known priest is the travelling healer, Wayfarer.

The Sunborn was once goddess of the Sun and daytime, but she was destroyed during the Forgotten War. Shortly after her death, her twin brother Wax, god of Moon and Night, committed suicide.


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