Aliyah, the iconic elven sorceress, made her appearance trying to contact Tauster, and ended up in the middle of a fight with shadow goblins.

Sapphire Fireheart is a dwarven lorekeeper. His goal is to bring about a return of the wonderous technology of the Forgotten War, founding a university so that all may share in the benefits of weapons designed to eliminate entire towns.

Kaashnagh is an orcish soldier, wielding a greatsword.

Lord Brightleaf is an elven noble on a mission – at least he has a faithful spear maiden and a squadron of elite elven archers.

Missing in Action

Much as I try to make sure everyone enjoys my games, some players either don’t get it or refuse to share. For whatever reason, players have left the game, presumably never to return.

Alice is a human mage, torn between her background as an Enchanter and her desire to rain elemental wrath (Channeler) upon her enemies. She was last seen entrering the tower of Tauster, to become his new apprentice.

Gitz is the FC Iconic character “Goblin Priest”. He has a few curse powers, but to date most of his utility has been the ability to speak Goblin. The player apparently didn’t like Gitz, and is not expected to return.

The White Hand is an assassin from Risterol. Regrettably, after a splendid introduction, he faded from the campaign.


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