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RIse of Xin - Dim History
Rise of Xin

Dang it! The move out of Houston (required to find work) has killed the game, just as it was beginning to show a hint of promise…

But, reality exists. The game is, after all, just a game.

Rise of Xin - Send in the Slaves!
Rise of Xin

Both PCs opt to be slaves, owned by Xin (greedy for that extra basic combat feat, I guess). They have been marched for three days through Eagle Tribe territory, and enjoy a fine meal of millet gruel. Yum Yum.

Eagle scouts have identified the Anubites as gnolls, creatures which are relatively easy for combat slaves to handle. The combat slaves are the first wave, to “tire out” the knolls so the freebooter mercenaries can finish them off. ONLY if things go bad, Tharon will send in the slave bearers. Things go bad, sooner rather than later.

The Anubites, special characters rather than minions, make short work of the freebooters, and their use of Tire actions leads to the survivors (both PCs and the bearer Appu) to flee at a fast limp. Unanimously failing a forced march, they have to use up the last of the good food to get even to a short distance before the Anubites begin tracking them at dusk. Oops, an 8… the PCs get a restless night of sleep.

Two days later, the PCs and Appu are locked in a cage with straw (not fresh straw, but straw) while Xin retires to “consider his options”. Xin, now penniless and down six followers, has few of those available.

In spite of the campaign write-up, the PLAYERS were upset at how poorly they fared, so an early evening was called. Everyone did get 1200XP, though, so they did make first level – and, in the words of one of the players, are finally competent.

Shadows in the Night

Having emerged victorious at Vrath Keep, the party sets about looting all the swag they can find. It’s a keep, after all. They find Lord Vrath, in his Steam Plate. The PCs dump his bones out, wipe the inside of the armor off, and leave Lord Vrath’s remains scattered over the vault floor. Likewise, Sapphire Fireheart grabs the Staff of Life and Deed to Vrath Keep, and another PC grabs the mystic sword Frostbite. All told, quite a haul, but it’s to help compensate for the dearth of treasure elsewhere.

Doing what they can to keep the Steam Generator safe, they head back to Drellin’s Ferry. Saevik watches them from his tower prison, slips his bonds, and returns to the Imperial Army in disgrace.

Drellin’s Ferry is a ghost town, with a smattering of guards, and the citizens who just aren’t moving from their houses, royal decree or no royal decree. The party also learns that two of the guards, Otho Bigmouth and Ericall have been murdered by ‘shadows’. A quick investigation by Sapphire Fireheart reveals that they have been killed by shadow daggers. The party quickly realizes that goblins are behind this, and tracks them across rooftops to the Black Tower that Tauster has abandoned. Avoiding the front door (because it is magically trapped and warded), the goblins have been leaping from the rooftops into the second story window.

After a long debate, the party removes the shutters from said window by means of a grappling hook and warhorse. Realizing a curtain bars their view, they set it on fire and THEN leap through it. The goblins release their Juvenile Gibbering Mouther and retreat to the top of the tower to debate strategy. While they are doing so, Aliyah, elven sorceress, arrives on the roof via teleport – only to discover that there is no orb to facilitate her return. Looking about for Tauster, she discovers seven goblins, clad in black, wreathed in shadows. She hits them with Color Spray, disabling four of them and dispelling all their Shadow Magic. The remaining three withdraw downward, where they are defeated by Kaashnagh and the White Hand, with only one fatality.

The party drags their prisoners to captain Anitah Sorana, and interrogates them. They discover that the goblins are part of the King’s Rangers from Basilla, on a mission to root out traitors. (Where they technically have no authority.) The party has only one question: “Do you have any documents to prove it?” Of course the goblins don’t. The party turns over the goblins to captain Sorana. She has only one question: “Are you immune to steel?” She thrusts her sword into the chests of goblins with the assistance of the White Hand, and finds that none of them are.

Happy to have dispatched their potential allies, the party heads forth to Harranshire. Setting up base camp atop the Garlstone Mine, they look about with their spy glass. They see supply caravans from the Red Valley, a slave camp being set up in Milbourne, and the city of Thurmaster (now sporting the flag of Lord Parlfrey) under siege. Plans to decimate the siege draw up short when the seven PCs realize that there are roughly 1200 enemy soldiers down there. Still, they keep avoiding the exposed siege equipment, and focus on destroying the gunpowder magazine (a log cabin) protected by a full company (100) of hobgoblin riflemen. They take a brief look at burning down Milbourne to kill the 200 or so soldiers stationed there, but eventually just roleplay the tactical discussion, reaching no decision.

Skull Gorge Bridge
Let's see how prepared they are for a cavalry asault on the tops of those towers. - Kaashnagh

Doing reconnaisance upon Skull Gorge bridge, the party rapidly notices several things:

The bridge, complete with corner towers, is occupied by goblins. Although dwarven stonework, said towers are only twenty feet tall, and the ground slopes downward toward the gorge from this side. They notice the Half Dragon Orc leading the forces, the Goblin sniper, and the Hellhounds. They’re generally set up in such a way that the melee troops (including cavalry) get bogged down in a field of withering fire from archers with cover.

All well and good, but the PCs are no ordinary assault force. Deciding it is time to USE their riding skills for something that actually involves the risk of failure, Kaashnagh and Mina encourage their mounts to JUMP onto the tops of the towers. The forces at the far side of the bridge advance, except for the enemy leader, who has to withdraw due to the unfortunate circumstance of having an arbalest quarrel in his lung. The battle ends with a ferocious roar from the Sardle Beast, and goblins lock themselves inside towers to wait for the PCs to move on or run out of food.

Good luck with that, little goblins. Having let the Dwarven construction crew do the sabotage, the party watches as the bridge teeters, then collapses into the gorge. Oh, did we leave the orcish prisoner standing on the bridge? (Evil laughter), oh we mean “Oops, how thoughtless of us.”. Riiight.

Moving on, the party realizes that Drellin’s Ferry is in full evacuation mode. Tauster is busy packing, and has no interest in staying to use their still beating hydra heart. So the party has to unload their swag on the convenient arrival of the Golden Wren trading company. In a single negotiation, they arrange for equipment, repair oils, and totally clean the mystic traders out of battle potions. Having heard reports of Harranshire being depopulated, the party decides that maybe they need to do something about that.

Let's Start a War!
31 February, 2010

Putting off the planned raid on the bandits for a good night’s sleep, the party is joined by Kaashnagh. He has good news and bad news – he got everything the party wanted him to shop for, but at the cost of nearly all their coinage. Also, he recognized and was recognized by a member of the Imperial Army’s intelligence division (a spy).

Waking up after four hours, they use the token given to Gitz to get past the Goblins. They arrive, ready and eager for combat – only to find that the mercenaries have moved on – into the tunnel toward the orcs. Tracking them through the tunnel (which they are able to identify as ‘artificial stone’ made by the Iron Lords), they discover a split – the mercenary squad exited the tunnel near Milbourne, where they were waiting outside the gate with some river traders. Rather than squash the underlings, the party sets out after Captain Orik van Kaskern.

Miles later, they emerge near Bellfast, decide not to warn them, and set off on the chase. They emerge in the basement ruins of an old [[Iron Lords] fort, one of the reasons Harranshire was able to hold off the orcs a generation ago. Surprising two guards (who were convinced the party would NEVER walk for a day under the earth), the party makes short work of them. They notice that the orcs have been using a professional spyglass to observe Bellfast. Counting banners, they realize that Red Pass is held by about 1200 Orcs, including an advance force of Deep Orcs. They wait until dawn, and then ambush the relief patrol.

Unfortunately, this activity is observed by the orcs. The nearest camp, containing ‘Dawn’ orcs bearing Lightbringer symbols, begins assembling a catapult and sends a force of about eighty warriors. Although the party splits between the ‘bug out’ and ‘we can take them’ factions, the catapult’s ammunition is destroyed. Before leaving, they dump bodies down the well – and are thanked by something speaking Ancient Elvish. They briefly warn Bellfast, their warnings made more potent by the booming of orcish war drums. Leaving just barely ahead of the first evacuees, the party also warns Milbourne, Thurmaster, and Lord Parlfrey. Leaving to the north to warn Drellin’s Ferry, they notice that the town of Milbourne is about to be seiged, and Bellfast has already been razed.

With tangible evidence of danger, Captain Anitah Sorana dispatches a pair of riders for assistance. Suddenly realizing that during the last war, the orcs hit Drellin’s Ferry first, they realize there must also be a path directly into the Elsir Valley. Talking to the Dwarves at the Hole in the Wall tavern, they discover the existence of Skull Gorge Bridge. They set out to see if the orcs have moved into advance positions there, as they had in Harranshire. They trick the dwarves into naming an outrageous price to demolish the bridge, which they then pay – including the horses they took from the bandits.

The Hydra of Witchwood takes offense to the large group of people tramping across its swamp, and attacks them en route. Ignoring all the snapping heads, the party strikes mainly at the larger, easier target of the hydra’s serpentine body. Lasting longer than most squads of enemies, the hydra goes down, inflicting only minor damage to the group’s melee fighters. The party proceeds, to see what they can see.

Goblins of Garlstone

New Player: Gitz, Iconic Goblin Priest

The party responds to news after only a week of downtime, leaving Kaashnagh behind to do the shopping. Of multiple news events, they choose (surprise) a bounty on Goblins to the south in Harranshire.

They soon discover that the bounty is five silver per Goblin head, offered by Lord Carman (actually a merchant lord with pretensions of nobility). They learn that there are about 200 goblins. Lord Carman doesn’t care about the goblins, but rather about the bandits who have taken up residence with them in the Garlstone Mine. The militia of Lord Parlfrey, the true lord of Harranshire, refuses to attack the bandits with so many goblin defenders.

Determining that the Garlstone Mine itself is a prize worth keeping, the party goes into group negotiations. Lord Parlfrey isn’t willing to let the mine go without a vow of fealty; the PCs aren’t willing to give him one. They stir up trouble between Lord Carman and Lord Parlfrey, notice that his son Julian Parlfrey seems fascinated with the warriors. Both sides settle for the lord’s official blessing to negotiate with the goblins.

Gitz goes in at night, and finds out that the goblins tolerate the humans only because they handle orcs that emerge from a shaft. The goblins will even take care of the bandits – if the party will return with the red sword of the orc chieftan, as proof of his defeat. Also, the party realizes that the ‘bandits’ are in fact mercenaries for Orik Van Caskerin (TM Paizo Publishing), and in spite of guestimated forty soldiers, they only have eight horses. Horses? Horses are worth 500 silver each! An ambush is set, and the riders slaughtered – only two surrender, and reveal that only twenty mercenaries (now twelve) remain, and are IN LEAGUE with the orcs, holding a base in the mine as a subterranean beachhead. Deciding that they cannot allow this, they begin making plans to assault the Imperial Army through their own attack tunnel…

Welcome to Drellin's Ferry
15 Jan 2010

New Players:

Lord Brightleaf (with Spear Maiden)

and a seige expert

The party dropped off the goods to Tauster, who accepted Alice as his apprentice to replace his missing one. Party chose not to follow up on this lead.

While negotiating with Morlin Coalhewer for Kaashnagh’s new armor, they hired the new PCs to make up for missing firepower. In order to get priority, they agreed to hunt down a Draconic Crocodiles. Hiring a sinister swamp-guide, they were led straight to the oldest and largest ones in the swamp. Noticing the ambush before it was sprung, they fight off the reptilian beasties. Following the wounded one back to its lair, they successfully catch a young one.

The triumphant party decides to spend a month partying, while they build siege weapons and brew nasty chemicals.

Road of Blood

Walking to the town of Brindol, the party is ambushed by a Beater patrol of the Imperial Army. During the battle, Alice breaks free and assists them. Instead of interrogating Uth’lar, Kaashnagh performs a death blow upon him. Among the equipment of the Beaters, the adventurers find a musket, and several Sunborn holy symbols, and Imperial Army paraphenalia.

Failing to raise a hue and cry from the jailers when they turn their (two) prisoners over, the party does a major shopping expedition, and sets out for Drellin’s Ferry.

Along the way, they defeat ambushes by Serina the Red and the Sunborn. They ignore options for role-play, including helping bandits set up on the road behind them.

The Darkest Hour

(by Crafty Games) The adventurers discover that the Ravenous Dead are back, after being absent since the Forgotten War. Tracing them to a graveyard, they discover that the Templar Master is using the Sapphire Star to raise them. Using a ruse, Kaashnagh lured the Master into single combat, and The White Hand finished the Master off by ambush.

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