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Welcome to Drellin's Ferry

15 Jan 2010

New Players:

Lord Brightleaf (with Spear Maiden)

and a seige expert

The party dropped off the goods to Tauster, who accepted Alice as his apprentice to replace his missing one. Party chose not to follow up on this lead.

While negotiating with Morlin Coalhewer for Kaashnagh’s new armor, they hired the new PCs to make up for missing firepower. In order to get priority, they agreed to hunt down a Draconic Crocodiles. Hiring a sinister swamp-guide, they were led straight to the oldest and largest ones in the swamp. Noticing the ambush before it was sprung, they fight off the reptilian beasties. Following the wounded one back to its lair, they successfully catch a young one.

The triumphant party decides to spend a month partying, while they build siege weapons and brew nasty chemicals.



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