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Skull Gorge Bridge

Let's see how prepared they are for a cavalry asault on the tops of those towers. - Kaashnagh

Doing reconnaisance upon Skull Gorge bridge, the party rapidly notices several things:

The bridge, complete with corner towers, is occupied by goblins. Although dwarven stonework, said towers are only twenty feet tall, and the ground slopes downward toward the gorge from this side. They notice the Half Dragon Orc leading the forces, the Goblin sniper, and the Hellhounds. They’re generally set up in such a way that the melee troops (including cavalry) get bogged down in a field of withering fire from archers with cover.

All well and good, but the PCs are no ordinary assault force. Deciding it is time to USE their riding skills for something that actually involves the risk of failure, Kaashnagh and Mina encourage their mounts to JUMP onto the tops of the towers. The forces at the far side of the bridge advance, except for the enemy leader, who has to withdraw due to the unfortunate circumstance of having an arbalest quarrel in his lung. The battle ends with a ferocious roar from the Sardle Beast, and goblins lock themselves inside towers to wait for the PCs to move on or run out of food.

Good luck with that, little goblins. Having let the Dwarven construction crew do the sabotage, the party watches as the bridge teeters, then collapses into the gorge. Oh, did we leave the orcish prisoner standing on the bridge? (Evil laughter), oh we mean “Oops, how thoughtless of us.”. Riiight.

Moving on, the party realizes that Drellin’s Ferry is in full evacuation mode. Tauster is busy packing, and has no interest in staying to use their still beating hydra heart. So the party has to unload their swag on the convenient arrival of the Golden Wren trading company. In a single negotiation, they arrange for equipment, repair oils, and totally clean the mystic traders out of battle potions. Having heard reports of Harranshire being depopulated, the party decides that maybe they need to do something about that.



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