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Goblins of Garlstone

New Player: Gitz, Iconic Goblin Priest

The party responds to news after only a week of downtime, leaving Kaashnagh behind to do the shopping. Of multiple news events, they choose (surprise) a bounty on Goblins to the south in Harranshire.

They soon discover that the bounty is five silver per Goblin head, offered by Lord Carman (actually a merchant lord with pretensions of nobility). They learn that there are about 200 goblins. Lord Carman doesn’t care about the goblins, but rather about the bandits who have taken up residence with them in the Garlstone Mine. The militia of Lord Parlfrey, the true lord of Harranshire, refuses to attack the bandits with so many goblin defenders.

Determining that the Garlstone Mine itself is a prize worth keeping, the party goes into group negotiations. Lord Parlfrey isn’t willing to let the mine go without a vow of fealty; the PCs aren’t willing to give him one. They stir up trouble between Lord Carman and Lord Parlfrey, notice that his son Julian Parlfrey seems fascinated with the warriors. Both sides settle for the lord’s official blessing to negotiate with the goblins.

Gitz goes in at night, and finds out that the goblins tolerate the humans only because they handle orcs that emerge from a shaft. The goblins will even take care of the bandits – if the party will return with the red sword of the orc chieftan, as proof of his defeat. Also, the party realizes that the ‘bandits’ are in fact mercenaries for Orik Van Caskerin (TM Paizo Publishing), and in spite of guestimated forty soldiers, they only have eight horses. Horses? Horses are worth 500 silver each! An ambush is set, and the riders slaughtered – only two surrender, and reveal that only twenty mercenaries (now twelve) remain, and are IN LEAGUE with the orcs, holding a base in the mine as a subterranean beachhead. Deciding that they cannot allow this, they begin making plans to assault the Imperial Army through their own attack tunnel…



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